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NEW! 5/2/98 Madonna makes a major media return on the March cover and inside the pages of "Vanity Fair" magazine with her daughter, Lourdes, taken by photographer Mario Testino.

Lourdes, or "Lola" as her mother calls her, is now sixteen-months old. In the accompanying article, Madonna, who was only five-years-old when her own mother died of breast cancer, says that becoming a mother has been, "An incredible healing experience," and that, "I just knew my karma was to have a girl."

Madonna also mentions her desire to have more children, though not with Lourdes' father, Carlos Leon, because their relationship is one of friendship at this stage. She would prefer to be in a stable relationship before she has another child, but doesn't feel, at the moment, that she has time to work on one.

Considering that her new album, "Ray Of Light," is coming out next month with an accompanying tour to follow, not to mention the Material Girl's name has been attached to several film projects this year, such as "Recycle Hazel" and "Chicago," it's not too surprising that she can't find the time at present.

NEW! Madonna has been linked to yet another movie project, which would bring the total number of films the press has tied her to up to five.

In the past two weeks alone, Madonna's name has been attached to four upcoming films, not including the big screen version of the Broadway musical "Chicago" that she plans to shoot later this year.

Madonna's publicist has no comment on the latest report, that the singer-turned-actress-turned-mother will star in a film about jazz singer Anita O'Day. As we reported last week, the Madonna camp also has no comment on two films reported about last week: an offbeat family drama called "The Red Door," and a Jekyll and Hyde style film called "Imbalance."

Madonna's camp does say that she will coproduce and star in a film called "Recycle Hazel"

No word yet on how she plans to fit all this in while touring her new album "Ray Of Light" due in March


Madonna's record label, has enlisted the Recording Industry Association Of America's Anti-Piracy Unit to put a stop to Internet postings of Madonna's new single, Frozen. The track is scheduled to be released on Valentine's Day, but millions of fans worldwide have been downloading it from the web over the last few weeks. The track was put onto the Net by some fans who recorded it from the radio in Singapore.

Madonna has apparently been posing with her daughter, Lourdes for U.S. magazine, Vanity Fair. The star will appear on the March cover and inside poses with her sixteen-month-old daughter who she has so far guarded from the media. The photos were taken at Madonna's Miami mansion, and the photographer, Mario Testino says both Madonna and her baby laughed the whole time: "Lourdes has given Madonna a lot of peace," he says.

New! Madonna and Child Pose for Pics Madonna, with a soon-to-be-released album and two upcoming movies, has shifted her publicity machine into overdrive. Columnist Liz Smith reports that the entertainer will appear on the March cover of Vanity Fair, but it's the pictures inside that will cause a stir. No, she's not nekkid. But in a move sure to send magazines flying off store shelves, Madonna poses with her sixteen-month-old daughter, Lourdes, whose privacy she has zealously guarded—until now. Famed photographer Mario Testino snapped the shots at Madonna's Miami mansion, and tells Smith that mother and child laughed the entire time. "Lourdes has given Madonna a lot of peace," he says. Not coincidentally, Madonna's latest album, Ray of Light, hits stores on March 3, with the first single, "Frozen," set for release in February. She's also signed on to star in two films, Recycle Hazel and The Red Door.

New! March 1998: Vanity Fair, - Mario Testino (who shot the glorious something To Remember pics), has captured Madonna and Lourdes for the March issue. Photo's were taken in Madonna's Miami mansion. This is Madonna's sixth appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair. That's more than anybody else in Vanity Fair History!


1.Shanti/Ashlangi 2.Frozen 3.Power Of Good-Bye 4.To Have And Not To Hold 5.Little Star 6.Mer Girl 7.Drowned World (aka Substitute For Love) 8.Swim 9.Ray Of Light 10.Candy Perfume Girl 11.Skin 12.Nothing Really Matters 13.Sky Fits Heaven


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The album will be released in North Europe on Friday 27th of February, 2nd March in United Kingdom, and on the 3rd of March in America.

The maxi-single for FROZEN will be released on March 17, 1998.

The album, RAY OF LIGHT, and the single, FROZEN, are released commercially on March 3, 1998.

The Video 4 Frozen was shot on the 7th of January 1998. It was shot in the Calfirornian desert by director Chris Cunningham.

Rumoured remix album, titled 'Veronica Electronica' will be released later this year.

CONFIRMED!! Madonna will be hitting the road in the last quater of this year, after the filming of her latest movie this Summer (US summer). Details of where she will be touring are still scetchy.

New! Frozen has debuted in the top ten most requested songs in Australia's top thirty.



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