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3/17/98 NEW! CONFIRMED - Frozen maxi-single commercial release.

3/13/98 NEW! CONFIRMED - Madonna visits The Rosie O'Donnell Show to perform and chat it up with her good pal Ro.

3/6/98 NEW! CONFIRMED - Madonna to visit Canada for Ray Of Light album promo activities and personal appearances. More information to follow as dates are set.

3/3/98 NEW! CONFIRMED - Worldwide Ray Of Light album commercial release (except Japan). Domestic Frozen single commercial release. Ray Of Light album in special limited edition package will also be available.

2/28/98 - 3/1/98 NEW! MTV - All Madonna Music Weekend! On the last day of this Madonna extravaganza, MTV's Ultrasound, the new weekly music series that provides the viewer with exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the artists that shape the music industry, will present an exclusive interview with Madonna during the making of her new album, Ray Of Light. This Madonna episode airs in the U.S. on Sunday, March 1st at 10:00 pm (ET/PT). It features a relaxed Madonna speaking candidly with MTV News anchor Kurt Loder on the set of the Frozen video and in the recording studio. She chats about motherhood, her recent embracement of spirituality, and the inspiration behind her much-anticipated new album release. There's also bonus footage of baby Lourdes dancing to The Macarena. Kurt also conducts interviews with collaborators, William Ørbit, who produced Ray Of Light with Madonna, and Chris Cunningham, the director of the Frozen video. We’ll post International MTV Ultrasound airdates of this Madonna episode as they are confirmed.

2/17/98 - 3/3/98 NEW! CONFIRMED - European Ray Of Light album promo tour will have Madonna visiting London, Paris, Sanremo, Madrid and Duisberg, Germany among other cities yet to be determined. Appearance dates slated so far: 2/21 - Live performance in London, England on the BBC National Lottery show. 2/24 - Live performance in Sanremo, Italy at the famous Italian Festival di Sanremo. 2/27 - Live performance in Paris, France on TF1 channel TV show, les annees tubes. 2/28 - Live performance in Ravensburg, Germany on popular Saturday night variety television show, Wetten Das. More dates to follow. Keep an eye on your local news for further information and confirmations on appearance dates in your area.

2/24/98 NEW! Madonna's new Official Ray of Light Web site is expected to be 100% up and running on this date. It'll roll up bit-by-bit, so check it often -- you can bet it will be nothing short of brilliant! NEW! ICON Update Newsletter - Preview 27 is in the works with with ICON 27 following shortly thereafter. Coverage on both will concentrate on Madonna's Ray Of Light album release and current promotional tour and activities. ICON 27 will feature an exclusive Ray Of Light Q&A with Madonna while she was right in the midst of the second half of the very hectic International Press, Radio and TV Days. And there's all the regular features including M's letter and The Validator's column, plus much, much more. Goodness, it's a Ray Of Light whirlwind... Exciting, isn't it?!    

2/14/98 NEW! Yes, Madonna will schedule a few live club dates performing songs from her new album on and around this very date, but it's not 100% confirmed yet where and what time... Stay tuned.  NEW! Deepak Chopra's album of poetry titled The Gift of Love was originally scheduled to be released today, but is now pushed back to a March release date. Madonna contributed the reading of a Rumi poem entitled Bittersweet which was translated by Deepak Chopra. Please check back for a confirmed release date for this album.

2/13/98 NEW! CONFIRMED - Frozen single release to domestic radio. We respectfully request that everyone in M's domestic fan base call into their local radio stations to request Frozen.

2/10/98 NEW! Vanity Fair (U.S. & U.K.) Madonna cover story. Interview by Ingrid Sischy and photos by Mario Testino. Features exclusive first portraits of Madonna and Lourdes, which proud mama offered the magazine on a strictly gratis (FREE) basis. And you have to agree, Lourdes is one incredibly beautiful baby, and while most folk show-off their kids via accordion wallet photos, this is Madonna we're talking about here and the world couldn't be happier to share her pride on a grand scale! 

2/3/98 - 2/4/98 NEW! Madonna and Ray Of Light album International Press, Radio & TV Days in Miami. Madonna and Liz have had full schedules with the likes of Xuxa, MTV Asia and MTV Latino, Channel V, Channel 13 Argentina, TV Azteca, Fuji TV Japan and more. And this doesn't even include the upcoming domestic press which will be following shortly. Sounds exhausting, doesn't it?! Well, there's lots more planned. Rest and relaxation will have to come at a later time.     

1/27/98 - 1/28/98 NEW! Madonna and Ray Of Light album International Press, Radio & TV Days in Los Angeles.

1/23/98 NEW! CONFIRMED - Frozen single release to International Radio.We respectfully request that everyone in M's International fan base call into their local radio stations to request Frozen.  COOL FACT: Warner Music France serviced the single to radio in an ice cream container along with real ice cream. (Because radio programmers get a gazillion CDs and requests to review and add songs to their radio play lists, record companies sometimes conjure up clever ways of packaging and presenting songs so they don’t get lost in the shuffle and forgotten amongst the mountains of submitted music.)

NEW!! 5/2/98 Madonna's new single, Frozen, has shot to the Number. 2 spot on Australian radio's top 30. These charts are based on most requested songs. **If you have any similar chart action available(from your home country), I will gladly post it right here. Just e-mail me the info. Cheers!

NEW!! MADONNA CHAT ON IRC: #madonna New topics daily!! E-mail me if u would like ops. My nic on irc is HRH_JoeP (hehe)

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